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A great leader is always evolving, taking cues from employees, themselves, and the world around them to improve and grow. Our experts will explore the role of the leader as journey architect and guide, and share best practices to help leaders like you create collaborative, authentic, and empowered cultures that both support your employees in reaching their potential as individuals, and your teams in achieving collective success.

Who’s it for? Senior leaders looking to create positive change for their employees and customers, set realistic yet aspirational paths for success and track progress, and leverage positions of authority to tackle systemic barriers to the advancement of women within their organizations. 


Dr. Hope oeller

Founder and President, HOPE (Helping Other People Excel), LLC

Servant Leadership: Forge a New Organizational Path to Success

Servant leaders possess a serve-first mindset, focused on empowering and uplifting those who work for them. They are serving instead of commanding, showing humility instead of brandishing authority, and always looking to enhance the development of their staff members in ways that unlock potential, creativity and sense of purpose.  

Who are you serving today? Answer this question with brutal honesty and you will arrive at the core of your intention and motivation as a leader. Join this session with Hope and explore the critical traits essential to being a SERVANT Selfless, Encourager, Respectful, Versatile, Accountable, Nice, Trustworthy Leader. Then learn to apply this knowledge to help you create a better, more caring organizational culture, and lead others in collectively owning the journey. In this session you will:

  • Define what it means to be a Servant Leader
  • Identify the differences between Self-Serving and Servant Leaders
  • Identify the 7 traits of a true Servant Leader
  • Assess your own effectiveness as a Servant Leader

About Hope

Dr. Hope Zoeller is Founder and President of HOPE, a firm that specializes in facilitating leader success at every level of an organization. For over 15 years of her professional career, Dr. Zoeller worked at UPS in various roles including Customer Service, Training and Development, and Employee Relations. For the past 17 years, she has been consulting with organizations on leadership development. 

Dr. Zoeller is also a Professor at Spalding University instructing in the Master of Business Communication program. She holds a Doctorate in Leadership Education from Spalding University, a Master of Education in Training and Development from the University of Louisville, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Psychology from Bellarmine University. Hope co-authored with Dr. Joe DeSensi HOPE for Leaders Unabridged Volume 1 and Volume 2…HOPE for Leaders in the 2020s.

A seven-time IWL speaker, including multiple Women’s Leadership Conferences, and the inaugural IWL ALL IN Allyship Summit in 2022, Hope’s sessions consistently rank among IWL’s most-popular and most-recommended. Integrating Women Leaders Foundation is honored to welcome Hope back to our Conference stage in 2023 to offer her inspirations and insights on Servant Leadership.



Rebecca Simmons

Rebecca Simmons Leadership Coaching

Stop the Burnout Blaze: A Leader’s Guide to Reigniting Employee Engagement and Productivity

Career burnout is the other epidemic that we don’t talk enough about. It is reported that 76% of employees experience workplace burnout at points in their career, which leads to higher turnover, reduced self-efficacy, lower engagement, decline in productivity, and job dissatisfaction. With the increasing prevalence of this problem, it is crucial for leadership to understand the severity of the issue, as it leads to costly consequences for businesses, such as poor organizational culture and decreased profits.

In this session, we will explore the occupational phenomena that is burnout and its impact on individuals and organizational performance. You will begin to explore your own relationship with stress, learn the red flags for team members who may be struggling, and brainstorm potential solutions for addressing and preventing burnout within your organization. Join Rebecca to:

  • Spark your clarity about burnout and how the ashes can impact your whole life, as well as your organization.
  • Reignite your own dying flame by facing your experience and relationship with stress and the challenge that it is providing for your team.
  • Kindle effective action and advocacy to support team members in the struggle.
  • Fan the flame within your organization to zoom out to see the bigger picture of the leadership influence on workplace satisfaction and engagement.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Simmons is a SHRM certified HR professional, passionate speaker, and Women’s Empowerment and Leadership Coach.  She is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations through the challenges of burnout recovery, disconnection, and disengagement.

Rebecca’s own awakening during her burnout recovery journey inspired her to develop a business that would challenge women in leadership to transform from burned out corporate wallflowers to the baddest bosses in the boardroom. She has worked with leaders in varying industries, from small businesses to enterprise organizations, such as Conde Nast and Capital One.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys trying to make peace with the TikTok algorithm, exploring escape rooms with her son, and creating the perfect Spotify playlist for any occasion.



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