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Choose from three interactive and actionable Journey Tracks focused on stepping into the personal, professional, and the organizational journey. Get twice the insight with two breakout sessions (morning and afternoon), and note reflections and key takeaways throughout the day in your journal and on Journey Track Canvases to create your post-event Action Plan.


Get Out of Your Own Way:

Stepping Into Your Personal Journey

Our personal and professional lives have never been more intertwined, and how each of us tackles life outside the workplace and workweek often affects how we show up in our careers. Join top life coaches and experts as they address the challenges many of us face today, and provide insights and actions to embrace the aspects of the personal journey most important to each of us from health and wellness to purpose- and joy-seeking, and from our relationships with others to, ultimately, our relationship with ourselves.

Who’s it for? Attendees feeling overwhelmed, challenged, or stuck on their current path; those choosing to address the roles they play and paths they’ve chosen (or had imposed upon them) in their home and family lives; those who feel they’re at a fork in the road, or feel as if their journey is owning them (vs. the other way around).

Vitale Buford Hardin

Jennie Lopez-Reed

Hosted by

Susan Fisher


On Track:

Owning Your Professional Journey​

Approaching our careers as professional journeys allows us to both conceptualize our working life and take useful action to influence its trajectory and the overall experience. Learn from experienced career advisors as they share insights into owning our professional journeys, providing “roadmaps” to navigate journey stages, key decision-points, the paths available to us and those we create, the excursions, adventures and encounters we embark upon, and our own physical and emotional states.

Who’s it for? Individuals focused on their career track and advancement; those who value how their time at work is spent, and may even desire some level of professional adventure; and those who want their work to fit with who they are, and who recognize that professional wellbeing starts with us. 

Joy Fitzgerald

Tom Bratton

Hosted by

Kim Thomas


Cultures of Success:

Leading Others on the Journey

A great leader is always evolving, taking cues from employees, themselves, and the world around them to improve and grow. Our experts will explore the role of the leader as journey architect and guide, and share best practices to help leaders like you create collaborative, authentic, and empowered cultures that both support your employees in reaching their potential as individuals, and your teams in achieving collective success.

Who’s it for? Senior leaders looking to create positive change for their employees and customers, set realistic yet aspirational paths for success and track progress, and leverage positions of authority to tackle systemic barriers to the advancement of women within their organizations. 

Dr. Hope Zoeller

Rebecca Simmons

Hosted by

Dana Wilson

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