TRACK 3 / leadership

Vashti Boyce

Leading with Agility, Intention, and Creativity

The workplace is changing and we are all still catching up to “the new normal” imposed upon us as the global pandemic upended life across the planet. But the reframing of our working lives is also linked to political unrest, climate change, and other traumas and events. What does “normal” even mean anymore? As leaders, we must be forward-thinking, inclusive, emotionally intelligent, and trauma-informed in order to transform along with this dynamic business environment. And, we must be aware of our role in the fostering (or stagnation) of organizational culture. Vashti will guide us to embrace and capitalize on change in this session exploring:

Vashti's Bio

Vashti holds a Masters in Humanistic Psychology from the University of West Georgia (UWG) as well as an MBA in Healthcare Administration. Vashti has been in the field of mental health for over 7 years across clinical, research, and administrative realms. Vashti has spent 20 years volunteering and leading in Delta Phi Epsilon (DPhiE), an international women’s organization, as an advisor to members and serving on multiple committees. Vashti is currently DPhiE’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair and a member of the International Governing Board. Vashti also serves on the board of The Living Room for Youth, an agency in Oregon that serves the needs of LGBTQ+ youth.

Vashti’s approach to Wild Iris is based on a holistic framework, never losing sight of the value of human experience, subjectivity, perspective, and relationship with the self and society. Vashti leans into their educational foundation at UWG, vocational experiences, and integrative values as they work with individuals and organizations, all the while illuminating how individuals can better relate to and work with one another.

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