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Level Up Your Communication and REACH Your Goals

How would you describe your communication style? Is it authentic to you? Is it effective? Communication and connection are being called the new business currency, making these skills more critical than ever (not to mention more complicated in today’s ever-changing work environment).

Learn hacks from our experts in body language analysis, emotional intelligence, negotiation, and internal and external interaction, to become a master communicator and REACH your goals. Get tips and tools to “read the room,” become a better listener, improve your business and personal relationships, resolve conflict, and fine-tune your messaging, timing and approach … all by communicating as the best version of YOU.


Diya K. Wynn

Senior Practice Manager – Responsible AI, Emerging Technologies & Intelligent Platforms

Amazon Web Services

Greg Kligman

Sr. Communication and Development Program Manager
AWS ProServe

The Language of Empathy

Frequently cited as the most important leadership skill, the ability to communicate empathy is fundamental to creating a culture of inclusivity …

Marcellus Robinson


Having Difficult Conversations and Negotiating: The Power of Language

One of the most dreaded aspects of any job is the difficult conversation. Whether it’s turning down an employee’s idea, encouraging a team member to …

Linda Clemons

Sisterpreneur Inc.

The Silent Language of Leaders

Approximately 80% of communication is expressed nonverbally, so those who know how to unlock and tap the secrets of people’s nonverbal cues …

Your Mainstage Speakers

Leigh Anne Tuohy

Inspirational subject of The Blind Side, American Businesswoman & Interior Designer 

Bonne St. John & Darcy Deane

DYNAMIC Mother-Daughter Duo & Authors of How Great Women Lead

Katty Kay

Award-winning journalist and broadcaster & author of The Confidence Code

Your Learning Track Speakers

Greg Kligman

Marcellus Robinson

Linda Clemons

Peter Dunn

Marquita Miller Joshua

Rita McCluskey

Dr. Hope Zoeller

Vashti Boyce

Jessica Nevitt