Greg Kligman

The Language of Empathy

Frequently cited as the most important leadership skill, the ability to communicate empathy is fundamental to creating a culture of inclusivity, effectively resolving conflict, and supporting people at all levels to be their best. Join Greg for this provocative presentation which explores different types of empathy, examines their strengths and risks, and provides four key pillars to make communicating empathy powerful yet simple, summarized by the acronym LOVE. The discussion will include real-life scenarios, and look at how Amazon’s Leadership Principles, a renowned gold standard in organizational culture, can be practiced with empathy. In this session you will learn:

Greg's Bio

Greg has spent his career in communication, having worked in sales, television writing, and communication skills training. For the past five years he has lived the life-affirming value of empathy through his volunteer work as a crisis responder and grief counselor with Distress Centers of Greater Toronto. Last year he joined a unique team at AWS, focused on employee experience, development, and well-being. Greg can properly be called an empathy evangelist, and developed The Language of Empathy workshop based on his formal training and experience, and facilitates it throughout the organization.

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