TRACK 3 / LEAdership

Dr. Hope Zoeller

Leading with LOVE: Motivating and Connecting in the Now Normal

“Leadership isn’t about love. Leadership is about results which are the outcome of love.”
– Talent Management, The Business of Leadership Requires Love

Leadership is all about building reciprocal relationships and commitments to each other. If your team is not successful, you won’t be either. A Gallup poll of over one million employed workers concluded the #1 reason people quit their jobs is a leader, and 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself. However, leading today comes with challenges many have never faced. How do you motivate and connect in the “now normal”? Join this session as Hope provides insights and practical tips for successfully leading your team with LOVE:

Hope's Bio

Dr. Hope Zoeller is Founder and President of HOPE (Helping Other People Excel), LLC, a firm that specializes in facilitating leader success at every level of an organization. For over 15 years of her professional career, Dr. Zoeller worked at UPS in various roles including Customer Service, Training and Development and Employee Relations. For the past 17 years, she has been consulting with organizations on leadership development. Dr. Zoeller is also a Professor at Spalding University instructing in the Master of Business Communication program. She has a Doctorate in Leadership Education from Spalding University, a Master of Education in Training and Development from the University of Louisville and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Psychology from Bellarmine University. Hope co-authored with Dr. Joe DeSensi HOPE for Leaders Unabridged Volume 1 and just recently released Volume 2…HOPE for Leaders in the 2020s.

Be sure to check out Hope's New Book

Hope teamed up with her husband, Joe DeSensi, to publish HOPE For Leaders In The 2020s – the unrivaled guidebook for leading in the “now normal” of a post-pandemic world and “hereafter” realities of a world forever changed.

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